How To Use

Soy Wax Melts are safer to burn and vegan friendly, it is free of phosphates. Our wax is 100% soy, making it environmentally friendly and sustainable.


  1.  Put your tea light candle into your ceramic burner and ignite the wick, then place a melt into the top plate of the burner.
  2. As the wax melts into liquid the fragrance diffuses into the air leaving your space smelling like a sweet haven burst of scents

How to get the best of RG Melts

Due to the nature of our product there will be no return after good have been purchased and delivered. However we will ensure that all goods delivered are tested i.e the Electric Lamps and in good conditions before delivery.
  1. If you have unused melts in the burner plate, allow to cool and solidify before removing from the burner
  2. The scents from the melts typically last about as long as the same size candle would burn and the remaining wax is discarded when it no longer has a fragrance.
  3.  Properly clean and dry the burner plate after use.
  4.  A fresh melt is to be placed in the burner as required to continue to enjoy at will.
  5. Ensure the remaining wax melts in its container are kept safe in a dark, cool and dry place to maintain the strength of the scent.
  6. Do not leave burner unattended and keep out of reach of children / pets.